Thursday, September 5, 2013


In "Whats Wrong with the Teenage Mind?" by Alison Gopnik, clearly shows that kids are not growing up the same way they used to. They start puberty earlier which means teens go through adulthood earlier as well. Gopnik states this when she says that parts of the teenage brain are out of sync. When teens go through puberty earlier it starts to kick in emotions and motivation.  For some reason teens are starting to eat more and move less . As teens get older they start to want more rewards which is related to motivation.  Teen are seem to be more motivated to take more risks when they are with there friends for social rewards. Sometimes to get the social rewards teens will do stupid things rather than make adult decisions. When a teenager starts puberty earlier and they can make bad choices without thinking through the consequences

"Whats Wrong with the Teenage Mind?" by Alison Gopnik, is a very strong article which is correctly saying teenagers go through puberty earlier and going into adulthood earlier. Parents these days don't give their children enough chores or things to do around the house which can hurt them later in life. Many teens have no work ethic when they get older, which can hurt when trying to stick with a job later in life. Another problem with children that are overly protected is that the kids don't have discipline. So they under estimate they consequences and often make stupid choices trying to get social points from their peers.  It seems that teens don't learn from their mistakes and are willing to take risks to get social points. When teens make a mistake there is not enough discipline from adults in their lives to provide the right boundaries.  Becoming an adult means leaving the world of your parents and starting to make your way into the world by yourself. This sometimes is not a good thing when a teenager is so young to start to become so independent at a young age.


  1. Cameron- You have good ideas in your summary, but you need to proofread. Much of it is run on sentences, or poorly punctuated. Where is your concluding sentence?

    Additionally, your response encounters many of the same problems. Good ideas,but poorly written.


  2. Much better, but still needs a bit of proofread. Much better!

    Add a why statement to your response topic sentence (because....)