Wednesday, August 28, 2013


In the video “A Vision of Student Today” by Dr. Michael Wesch, shows how technology can help the world but distract students in many ways, because of students using the technology inappropriately in class.This is clearly shown in the video, when a student says they spend all class facebooking instead of listening. Other students said they get distracted by their phone,ipods,and computers as well in class.  Some students are not using their technology for a learning tool in class and they need to take it out the classroom.

In Dr. Michael Wesch video  “A Vision of Student Today” States electronics distract students, but it can be very useful to a class and a student on a day to day bases.Technology can help outside the classroom and inside to be a useful tool.  Electronics are useful outside because they can be used for papers,homework,studying,keeping organized, ect. In the video a girl said she spends most of the class period on facebook, But that’s her fault not electronics. A different student says she only get 7 hours of sleep, but that maybe from using technology is a wrong way. They could be very useful in a classroom if the student used technology correctly and responsibly. If some students chooses not to do so that is their fault.  Technology is a great learning tool, Such as using the internet for a world wide learning experience. If schools took technology out of classroom because students were using it for the wrong reason, then all students would be at a learning disadvantaged for those who use it correctly. The World has Technology, and we should use it to our advantage in order  to learn quicker and faster on a daily bases. No matter if  in or out of the classroom, it  is very helpful. One big thing technology does is keep students  organized. A student needs to be organized to keep up on work, technology can do that.

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  1. Great ideas in your summary paragraph. We just need to clean up some proofreading errors, and end with a concluding statement that doesn't reflect opinion , but is attributed to what Wesch is saying.

    Great ideas in your response paragraph, but many of the ideas are lost because they are surrounded by proofreading errors. Clear those up. Make sure to eliminate personal words as well.