Tuesday, January 28, 2014

PLN Editorial


“Dissent, Guns, & ammo”  by the Editorial board of the New York Times is a peek of what people really think of Gun rights and a peek of a man named Dick Metcalf really wants to give the country a fresh of gun rights but it backfires on him. Metcalf wrote and published an editorial  over the second amendment “The right bear arms”.  As soon they public read this editorial they were furious about it, because the public does not like “guns” and what the effects they have on other people. After Metcalf wrote the article he immediately went into retirement because two gun manufacturers threatened to end business if metcalf was not fired. This article shows how people reacted to a touchy subject even tho metcalf was just trying trying to refresh the reality of the second amendment.  


“Dissent, Guns, & ammo”  by the Editorial board of the New York Times really makes me think about if Dick Metcalf should have been fired because this article is not true in many ways for many people.  Opinion plays a great role in the editorial because a lot of readers would say that Metcalf never should have been fired in the first place!  Metcalf was just trying to give a new perspective on gun rights. Metcalf says in his article  it would generate a healthy exchange of ideas on gun rights.”  Then the public became sarcastic about it and said “Imagine that, a healthy exchange of ideas in the gun debate. This is exactly what is needed by a nation suffering tens of thousands of gun deaths each year”, But yes that is what a nation needs right now. A refresher on what is right and wrong, it not the guns fault if it goes and kills someone it the persons fault who shot that person. This article is one that is based on a opinion that is very disagreeable, but a great one to show how the public is so touchy on this subject.