Thursday, September 12, 2013


In the Movie "Bully" ,by Lee Hirsch, Hirsch features that kids are taking their lives because of bullying. The movie also explains that bullying has become an epidemic to kids all over the world and in our neighborhood. The bullying problem starts with physical bullying such as pushing and punching. Many bullies tease kids with mean words and that can lead to emotional pain. Emotional pain is a growing problem and can actually be more painful than the actually physical bullying. In some cases bullying can lead to kids taking their own lives. Kids are committing suicide around the world and it could be happening in schools in your neighborhood because of bullying.

The Movie "Bully" by Lee Hirsch, explains that bullying is getting out of hand and kids are committing suicide because of this situation. There is a great lack of response from trusted authorities such as parents, teachers, SRO, bus driver, administration. They are told time and time from the victim that bullying is occurring. The authorities need to change the practice of not doing anything about the bullying situation. If not, many kids will keep getting bullied. In some situations this can lead to a suicide. The person who needs to change is the bully himself. Bullying is a cyclical problem, a bully has usually been bullied themselves. Often the bully does not care about what happens to the victims. If authorities can change the cycle of these kids bullying before it gets to out of hand, hopefully it can save one more life of an 11 year old like the character Tyler from the movie.

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  1. Cameron-
    Excellent work on your summary. Make sure to attribute the ideas back to Hirsch and to eliminate personal words.

    Great work also, with your response. You have good reasoning and good points. Try to use at least two specific examples to support what you are saying rather than just the last statement about Tyler. Make sure to end with a clear concluding sentence.