Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reading to means a lot to me even tho most of the time I don't read on my free time, it also helps in many ways.  It can help you learn and make you smarter as a person and as a student in school. We read because it makes smarter even we might not know it. I think about my story in my head, I make pictures and it turns out to be mini movie in my head. When I confused I go back the part I didn't and reread the part.  When it  comes to reading I have trouble focusing on the story. I start thinking about others that are going on in my life and I totally forgot what I just read. When I know if i'm successful I know what I just read and understand what is going on in the story. My role is to follow what is going on in the story.

Writing is a big a role in everyday life, so it is starting to become more important to me. The reason we write is because it make smarter and we need practice. IF we use it everyday,then we need how write the right way. When I right I often go to a quite place and start to write. When I get confused with a piece of writing, I reread it and if I need to fix it I do. When I start writing often have trouble focusing on what i'm trying to write. I know i'm successful when i go back over my writing and it sounds good and all comes together.  My role as a writer is to try engage the reader in what he or she is reading.

Thinking means a lot to means to me because if we don't think then we would make very stupid choices. We think because we need to think, we cant really live life without thinking. When I think I think about what i'm doing. When I Get confused about thinking I think about it agin until I get it what i'm thinking about. When it comes to thinking about a subject it is hard not to just start thinking about a different thing. I know i'm successful when I figure out what i'm thinking about. To try to figure out my problems and make myself smarter.

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