Thursday, October 10, 2013



In “Footprints in the Digital Age” by Will Richardson features a eye opening point about how students need to be more connected with the web in everyday life, in or out of the classroom. Richardson shows that students should be self-directed learners must be adept at building and sustaining networks. He also talks about Networking: The New Literacy, Which is  social Web technologies are having a huge influence on students. Transparent and Trackable is another issue he brings up in his article. Richardson also brings up his last point about what students should know. What Richardson is trying to get across is that students are being able to be googleable more and more.


“Footprints in the Digital Age” by Will Richardson is correctly stating that students should be able to be googled at this age because it can help them in job opportunities, The student is making themselves Googleable posting blog posts, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Facebook groups .Richardson says, "Publishing content online not only begins the process of becoming "Googleable," it also makes us findable by others who share our passions or interests."(Richardson). Students are making them selves Googeable and might not even know it. Such as Richards says that posting content (blog posts, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Facebook groups) is a great way to get a student Gooleable. A recent survey in 2007 announced that 80 percent of young people that are online are networking. Some about good stuff and others about bad, which is correct. That 70 percent of them are regularly discussing education-related topics, in which they are creating all sorts of content. Students are using online tools, which is also correct. As students are growing faster in technology, the student is learning much more than they are taught from parents and teachers. instead the student is doing it all by themselves and websites they go on to. The point is those websites have things that the student can post and make them selves googleable In the process. Students are and kids are becoming more and more googleable, whether the teacher, parents, or kids like it or not.


  1. Good eye contact. I thought you did a good job of moving the subject along.

  2. Christopher- good start to your summary, but it isn't as well polished as your other pieces. Make sure to proofread as some of your sentences don't make sense. Your topic sentence is good, but the sentences that follow are needing some attention.

    You begin with a good topic sentence in your response, but once again, some of your points and sentences are hard to understand. I am not sure what you are trying to prove. Rework this piece.


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