Thursday, December 12, 2013

PLN 10


"You'll Never Learn" by Annie Murphy Paul is a great eye opener to students of all ages, it is showing that student's can not resist multitasking and it's not helping them at all. Paul Goes on to say in an observation in 15 minutes students only spent 65% of their time doing school work. The other 35% of the time the students spent on Facebook or texting. She Then Explains in a study that the more that students try to multitask it becomes harder and harder to take in new knowledge. The students learning becomes more shallower the more they multitask. She explains that the big thing that distract students is phones. That can involve text messages, Facebook, other social media apps that make the students phones vibrate which immediately distract the student . All together students have gotten worse and worse about multitasking with phones, computers, and even talking with friends, all of these things are not helping students in anyway.


"You'll Never Learn" by Annie Murphy Paul is correct because students are growing worse with multitasking while doing school work, which is not helping students in any way. While studying students are spending half of their time on electronic devices. This is true, as a student, doing this is a common thing for an average student to "try" to multitask. Multitasking is making students dumber, it is making students get distracted more and more. This is making is harder for students to learn more material and new important knowledge for the future. Then when we don't learn new material, it affects us in big ways .This can affect us in out future life, such as trying to get into collage, a job, and other things that need the knowledge we forget. Multitasking over all is just making it harder and harder to learn far an average student.

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